Just in time for the holidays, there’s anew Warframe update, 19.5, The Glast Gambit.

There’s a new, infested Warframe, the Nidus, a new quest (the titular Glast Gambit), some new weapons, and Infested Salvage, a new game mode.

The new quest is there for players who completed Warframe’s War Within, the game’s 19th update.

The Infestation is spreading. Begin your journey for the plagued powers of the New Warframe, Nidus by embarking on a quest to aid the Mycona Colony in the search of their lost children. Then discover more about the Infestation by recovering research data with the return of the Infest Salvage Game Mode and enhance your powers with new Infested Weapons and Riven mods.

For anyone interested in what the playstyle of the Nidus, there’s a video for that.

And for full information on The Glast Gambit, head on over here.


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