If you’ve played the Warframe grind, and really – who among us hasn’t at least grinded it out a little – you might remember the one location set on a gas giant. There’s lots of orange… and Corvus, and killing. Mostly the killing.

Next week, Warframe’s latest update, The Jovian Concord, drops, and the gas city is getting an entire rework. The environment’s been entirely remastered, and there are all new gameplay elements to shake a stick at. If there’s anything you can glean from the trailer below, it’s that the Corvus on the map won’t be standing around aimlessly waiting for Tenno to killo, they’ll be hard at work, completely blind to the fact that you’ve come to murder them all.

The update will also welcome the game’s latest warframe, Wisp. So stay tuned for that. Patch notes will drop early next week.


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