This month, Warframe turns 4, and to celebrate, Digital Extremes is letting players hunt for a new warframe,  Octavia. With her, they can compose their own symphonies, and then share them.

Update 20, dubbed Octavia’s Anthem, includes a quest of the same name in which players hunt for the new warframe, and once earned, they can use her to compose their own music. It’s rather involved, and for a full explanation on the mechanics, refer to the patch notes. The update adds a couple new weapons, too, and a “captura mode,” or put simply, photo mode. Limbo, and a swath of weapons, also got some loving in the form of a revisit.

The update, as with most Warframe updates, is quite large, and the list of changes quite massive. For more information, hop into the game, or check out those patch notes.

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