Digital Extremes revealed the Plains of Eidolon update for Warframe way back in July of this year, but since then, mum’s been the word. But that word is going to change in a few short days.

On September 15th, Digital Extremes will be taking it to Twitch to show off their big open world update in more detail. Expect more on the Plains themselves (of Eidolon) as well as the new warframe and perhaps (their words not mine) the first look at an Eidolon battle.

The update is still due out sometime this year, and since there are only a few months left in 2017, I don’t suppose there’s much time left to wait. We’ll all soon be soaring the sky over Eidolon in our Archwings. At least until we try to pull off some sweet trick and kill ourselves.

Check out the official post for some more info (as well as snazzy screenshots).

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