It always amazes me that when Warframe launched way back in 2013, it was barely a game, and I don’t mean that too derogatively. What existed had potential, but it was basically the same environment repeated ad nauseum, a basic framework for grinding warframes and weapons.

Now, look at it. It’s basically the same thing, but it’s so much bigger! And it has open world areas. The first one of those, the Plains of Eidolon, released way back in Oct of 2017. Now, a year a half later, it has received a visual overhaul to pretty up the place. The revamp has updated terrain textures, add more dynamic lighting, better trees and foliage, and a more nuanced day/night cycle. And thanks to all these technical improvements, it runs better than ever.

There are a few additional gameplay enhancements to make the plains less.. plain. Check out the official page for more.


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