Warframe‘s yearly convention, Tennocon, brought players from all over the world to Ontario, Canada to join together in Warframe celebration. The two primary takeaways they took from the experience was that Warframe would soon be ninjaing it up on the Nintendo Switch, and that the game’s next big update, Fortuna, would be taking players to Venus.

Digital Extremes is working with Panic Button on the Switch port. There’s no date yet, but there was a trailer (below) that showed off some ninja action on the Switch.

Fortuna is the cool tuna. The update, nay expansion, is adding a new open world environment to Venus, complete with a hoverboard to allow players to get around in style. There’s also a new faction with a host of new rewards. Expect that later this year.

Digital Extremes also teased an update to come after Fortuna. Codename: Railjack – due out after this year (hopefully 2019, but no promises) will introduce space combat to the game.

Check out some videos below!


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