Wargaming has come up with a whole new branch in order to help bring Creative Assembly’s free-to-play Total War game to the masses.

They christened this new venture the Wargaming Alliance and said this:

Wargaming Alliance is a publishing brand of the Wargaming Group that works with major development studios, franchises, and IPs. It provides access to the unique expertise and knowledge of the online free-to-play market that Wargaming has amassed over the years, the company’s multimillion loyal player community, and the best practices in free-to-play game promotion and operation, while the refined publishing platform also has a physical presence in all key markets and delivers a unique approach to regional publishing activities.

That’s about all we know about this new venture for now. There aren’t any details on what the partnership means for Total War; Arena’s monetization, but you’ll know more when we do.


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