A couple days ago, we reported that Firefall seemed to be having its death throes, but maybe it’s received a second lease at life instead.

Of course that’s being a bit optimistic, or so I suspect.

The good news? Those who have Firefall installed can once again log in and play it if they so desire, however likely that may (or may not) be.

The bad news? It would appear that the game is no longer listed on Steam. That’s not normally a good thing, but if I wanted to err on the side of overly hopeful despite little actual interest one way or another, I’d say maybe the game is switching hands. We know Red 5 is kaput, even if Firefall isn’t yet, but maybe it was sold, and now someone else is transitioning ownership of the game in an effort to bring it back from the depths of defeat.

On the flip side, maybe the login server crashed, or something, and it took the skeleton crew that now maintains the game (probably for free) a few days to get around to bringing it back up, and it’s still only a mater of time – not much – before it’s gone for good.

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