For the next three days, Wildstar is hosting the Boss Hunter Challenge Event. For each World Boss Legendary Champion kill, players receive a token that they’re able to redeem for a whole host of rewards. Regular monsters also have a chance to drop these “shiny tokens.” So, what can you get? Any of the following:

  • Gold and Service Tokens
  • Primal Essence Pack—random chance of 100, 250, or 500 Crimson, Cobalt, or Viridian
  • Stop and Go Dye
  • Tribal Hoverboard with flair
  • Tribal Costume
  • Moody Moodie Mask pet
  • Dancing Moodie NPC Décor
  • Moodie Totem toy
  • 24 “Carrots” toy

Players will also also receive a lockbox key that’s typically only available in the in game store.

Check out the official post for more on the event.

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