Nearly 20 years ago, a certain computer virus by the name of Agent Smith referred to humanity as a virus. And events over the past few years (and beyond) have indicated that yeah, he was probably right. Young Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won Fortnite‘s World Cup and took home a cool 3 mil last month, and this past weekend the poor kid from Pennsylvania had a nice visit from the police. Someone SWATTED him, which for the uninformed, is when angry people (who are probably far older than we’d like to admit) call in a SWAT team to a Streamer’s house as a “prank.”

It’s probably gotten to the point where the police receive a call and just have to be like, “Well, we’re going to this nice neighborhood where this kid just won 3 million dollars playing a video game, so this call is probably bullshit, but we can’t just ignore it.” Evidently, the entire event only lasted about ten minutes (which I’m sure wasn’t exactly a pleasant ten minutes for Bugha, but at least it seems like everyone is okay in the end. Except for the person who called in the SWAT. They’re definitely not okay.

Even ESPN picked up the story (right after they pulled an Apex Legends tournament from airing because it has guns in it).

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