Omniconnection’s multiplayer Wizard FPS, Grimoire: Manastorm, will be finally leaving Early Acces on Oct 26th after more than two years of development.

And for anyone who wants to get a headstart on launch, there will also be a 25% boost to Arcane Points in the weeks leading up to launch, meaning that it’s the perfect time to unlock any of the game’s classes and spells.

Since Grimoire isn’t exactly the most popular game on Steam (judging by SteamCharts), the developers like to organize regular playtests. That schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesdays – 6pm PDT / 3am CEST (Wednesday)
  • Wednesdays – 6pm PDT / 3am CEST (Thursday)
  • Thursdays – 12pm PDT / 9pm CEST
  • Saturdays – 12pm PDT / 9pm CEST

With any luck, the launch will breathe some life into the game.

Head on over to Steam to read the full release announcement.

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