Wizard101 has been one of the forefront MMORPG’s that include kid friendly content, and an environment for the younger players out in the world to get used to and enthralled in the MMORPG style of game. You’ve likely seen its television ads, or at least heard some amount of information about it, and it retains a playerbase number deserving of that.

No MMORPG is perfect, however, no matter what audience uses it. For Wizard101, a concession has been made to this. To ease the journey of leveling and the length of time it can take, the free to play MMORPG has created a level 50 boost that will push the character past the first large arc of the process, and setting them up perfectly for the second. A concern with boosts like these in games like this is often how comparable to a character of that level that went through the process are you? For Wizard101, this problem is taken care of via level fitting gear, spells, and quests completed. This means that a character boosted to level 50 is fairly on par with characters that got their the good ole’ fashioned way.

This boost will come in the form of an elixir purchasable from the Crown store itself, but can only be unlocked once you already pushed through the leveling process to achieve your first level 50 character. This process alleviates the concern many face with a “pay to not endure” type of model.

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