First, Microsoft cut Motiga loose and they pushed on, hoping to see Gigantic through to fruition. Then Perfect World picked them up and dusted them off, helping to publish the game.

Fast Forward a few months, and in November of last year, Perfect World shuttered Motiga, but said that Gigantic would still be maintained for the foreseeable future. The end of that road, it seems, has come.

Perfect World announced today that the January update for Gigantic would be its last and that the game would be shut down on July 31st. Until then, everything is free and all purchases have been turned off.

I’m beginning to lose count of the MOBAs, or MOBA-esq games, that have fallen by the wayside. We’ve got Dawngate (who remembers that?), Infinite Crisis, Master X Master, Paragon, and now Gigantic, and that’s only the more notable ones.

Read the official announcement here.

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