Wargaming has gone and created all sorts of worlds. They’re best known for World of Tanks, but they also have a World of Warships as well as a World of Warplanes. What’s next? World of War Elephants? (Boy do I hope so.)

While World of Tanks was a resounding success, and World of Warships doesn’t do too badly either, World of Warplanes is definitely the black sheep of the trio, but it still holds onto a decent concurrent user count, definitely enough for the game’s community to have enough life to fill up those games.

Still, though, Wargaming must be really hoping that Warplanes will do as well as their other two franchises. And so enters version 2.0 of the dogfight simulator, which brings to the game overhauled core gameplay as well as new features and functionality.

There’s a new game mode – Conquest. In it, you’re tasked with capturing and controlling key fortified areas, but if you’re taken out of the fight, it won’t be permanent. You will be able to respawn shortly and get right back into dogfighting.

2.0 also adds a new bomber class of ships for you to, well, bomb with.

You can read the full update notes here.

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